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Brennan Figari / Creative / Aerial & Acrobatic Choreography

Aerial & Acrobatic Choreography

Elevate your Entertainment

Services & Specialties

  • Group Aerial/Acrobatic Showacts
  • 1D/2D/3D Harness Systems
  • Vertical Dance Choreography
  • Dancer/Singer Integration
  • Unique & Specialty Apparatus

Locations & Events

  • Brand Launches / Openings
  • Galas / Trade Shows
  • Holiday Galas & Celebrations
  • Live Television Shows
  • Concert & Events

Choreography and concepts for remarkable events. I can integrate with your existing concepts or work with you from the start and develop something truly amazing.

Are you ready for lift-off?


Why Me?


Seeing inspiration all around, my ideas for acrobatic and aerial choreography cover a full spectrum of emotions, concepts, and characters. From circus artists, to dancers, to high flying celebrities, I have created aerial choreography for artists and performers of all types. From our first to our last emails, I provide punctual, informative, and accurate communication.

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