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Brennan Figari / Showacts / Aerial Hoop

Aerial Hoop

Strength & Passion

With dizzying fast spins and jaw-dropping hangs, this aerial hoop performance is my signature act and one of my favorites to perform. Filled with strength moves, fluid transitions, and unique sequences, this grand act can command the focus and attention of large venues and is the perfect focal point for any event.

Please send me a message to discuss full technical requirements needed for this act and how it can be customized for your event.

Got Talent Show
Final Flight Solo
Odysseo Solo
"Figari, front and center gripped the audience as an aerialist in a steel hoop 45 feet in the air. His grace and precision, his agility and lithe physique to match his stream of movements, appeared fluid in the hoop, a ribbon in the wind. The control and command seemed natural to him, as if he was born to be airborne."
San Francisco Arts & Culture