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Brennan Figari / fl'AIR Yoga Teacher Training

fl'AIR Yoga Teacher Training

fl’AIR Yoga utilizes an aerial hammock to safely improve strength, flexibility, and balance by blending yoga, dance, and aerial arts in various flows and poses. Created by professional artists and athletes, we combined our lifetime of knowledge in yoga, ballet, and aerial work to create a unique style of aerial yoga that will leave you feeling fit, flexible, and ready to take on the world!

Ready to fly?

Learn more about our style of aerial yoga


Immerse yourself in fl'AIR Yoga

Our aerial yoga teacher training program will fully prepare you to teach fl'AIR Yoga, or simply gain a deeper understanding for your personal practice.

Practice and Understanding

You will learn how to do, and also how to teach all of our Level 1 material, so you can comfortably offer beginner and open level fl'AIR Yoga classes.

Extra Knowledge

We will also focus a lot of time on class structure, how to develop your own flows, spotting and cues, and other skills to prepare you.

fl'AIR Yoga Teacher Training